Works by Ross C. Kelly, Chen Jianguo, Liu Xuejun, Tien Chang, Feng Zhengquan & Li Yibing

July 15 - August 31, 2017

Ross C. Kelly

Canadian artist Ross Kelly says that cities are not seamless. Their inhabitants, architecture, even histories are made up of the co-existence of innumerable disparate parts, forced into association by a greater structural logic. Kelly's works suggest that there can never be a singular, stable image of a city. While each snapshot, like each individual viewpoint, exists as a discrete moment. Our understanding of a particular place is always multiple, carrying with it the memory of other times, the knowledge of other spaces.

Ross C. Kelly is from Dublin, Ireland. In 1996 he received his BA (Hons) in Behavioural Science from the American College Dublin, a Diploma in Photography from New York Institute of Photography in 2004, a Diploma in Professional Photography from Vancouver's Focal Point School of Photography also in 2004, and in 2010, a Post-Graduate Diploma in Art History from the University of British Columbia. Kelly's works have been exhibited both locally and internationally and he is the recipient of a number of awards.

加拿大攝影藝術家Ross Kelly 表示任何一個都市都不是無縫的,其居民、建築物,以至其歷史都由難以勝數的部份組成,再合成一幅較大而外型合符邏輯的畫 面,而他的攝影作品就是按着這個思 維發展而成。

Chen Jianguo 陳建國

Chen Jianguo tries to explores into the real meaning of fright. The question that he poses before us is: Fright, is it from the jaws of the predators or from the not-so-frightening but illusive mouth that lurks behind?

“In my works, I put on display some of the fine details in life. These things are the most touching yet often ignored parts around us. I find that meaningful communications of these niceties are the best ways to defuse the destructive forces,” Chen said.

Chen, a native of Hebei, has worked quietly in Song Zhuang, the artists’ enclave north of Beijing, since 2002 after graduated from the Fine Art Department of Hebei Light Industry Management School.

陳建國用心地追求及探索著人類的情感反應。他細緻廣泛而深刻地表達對社會的人文關懷,及對人類與大自然 之關係。

陳建國所畫的鯊魚牙齒鋒利,喫而不捨地緊釘著目標,直接滲入觀眾眼簾。但面對人性本源的種種矛盾,藝術 家將生命之美與現實的殘忍並列。在慾望的破壞到達頂點的時刻,生命仍在表現著固有的美麗與堅靭。

陳建國生於中國河北省,O二年進駐北京宋庄畫家村從事藝術創作至今。自2007年“藝術北京”國際藝術 博覽會”上亮相後,引起了各方面的關注。

Liu Xuejun 劉學軍

Liu Xuejun’s works reflect his sensitive observations of his environs and to articulate his attitudes on issues of the days of our life. Born in Henan Province in 1960, Liu initially honed his skills in the studios of various top Beijing oil teachers in the late 1980’s before finishing his studies at the Fine Art Department of the Henan University.

劉學軍的創作表達方式明確,擁有畫家的敏銳觸覺及對現實的獨立觀察和判斷;他的大部份作品是他對中國現 實歷史轉型期的親身感受,是他對自身文化的反省。他的畫在傳達強烈而明確的資訊,是他對所指事物現象本 質的看法,再透過相近於廣告宣傳畫的方式傳遞資訊。

劉學軍1960年出生於河南省,八十年代在北京接受中央美術學院講師蘇高禮、馬常利的藝術指導,曾獲星 星畫展主將之一黃銳的藝術指點,並與北京當地藝術家一起進行創作。在考入河南大學美術系學習期間,曾主 修版畫專業。

Tien Chang 章天柱

Tien Chang paints horses almost exclusively. With minimal brush strokes, he freezes the vitality of these four-legged animals onto his works, regardless whether those horses are standing on guard or galloping in full vigour with flying manes and stretched out hooves. Chang’s main interest is on capturing and depicting their supremacy.

Chang, originally from Taiwan, now works and resides in Toronto, Canada. He is now the vice-chairman of the Chinese Association and a member of the Ontario Chinese Artists Association. His works have been shown extensively in Canada and China.

章天柱幾乎只畫馬,他用簡約的筆觸,把馬的動力凝固在他的作品上,這些馬匹可以雄糾糾地在站崗,或在披 星戴月踏燕奔馳。章天柱只專注在捕捉及繪製這些天馬的最輝煌身段。他的油畫,背境雖然顏色絢麗,但在繪 畫馬匹時,他的用筆亦甚為精簡。這種繪馬方法已成為他的個人風格。

一九五一年生於台灣,章天柱現生活在加拿大多倫多市。他現時是加拿大中國美術家協會副主席及加拿大安省 中國美術會會員,作品曾在加拿大及中國各地展出。章表示,他的繪馬創作是深受徐悲鴻及葉醉白將軍作品的 影響。

Feng Zhengquan 俸正泉

Feng Zhengquan’s landscapes are places of absurdity. The traditional mountains and waters remain familiar though their colours have all faded to levels of grey. Colours are very much alive. They are in the people, the structures and things other than the landscapes, that is his way of saying – “the devils are in the details”. Feng Zhengquan was born in 1976 and graduated from Sichuan Academy of Fine Art in 1999.


Li Yibing 李一炳

Li Yibing works and lives in Song Zhuang, the artists’ enclave outside of Beijing. Born in the poorest part of rural Hebei in 1966, Li’s deprived childhood and harsh up-bringing have been urging him to search for peace and to create tranquillity in his works as these two “things” were definitely missing in the early part of his life. With his works, he aimed at providing a soft landing zone for the viewers amidst the chaos and conflicts that clustered our social environments these days.

李一炳是北京宋庄藝術家群落中的一位,一九六六年生於河北的邯鄲。李一炳的畫色彩很柔和豐麗,給人愉悅 童話般的感受。看他的畫,會立刻被畫面上的大片色彩和細膩的畫功所吸引,他把精神思想隱蔽在色彩中,讓 觀眾透過他細膩的筆觸慢慢品味。他的作品反映現時人們想像問題的一種方式,對展望未來的憧憬和欲望,讓 現實社會中騷動不安及矛盾重重的心理狀態獲得軟着陸。

Kaleidoscope exhibition will open at Art Beatus Gallery on Friday, July 15, 2017 and will continue until August 31, 2017.

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Ross C. Kelly - Shanghai #4

Chen Jianguo - Shadow #9

Liu Xuejun - Red Crab

Ma 03


Feng Zhengquan - Suddenly It's Spring Again #7 and #8

Li Yi Bing - Hello #6