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Born in Shanghai, China
Graduated from the Art Department, PLA University, Beijing, China
Working as an independent artist and has won numerous scholarships and artist-in-residence recognition in Europe and New York.
Works and lives in Beijing, China and Berlin, Germany

Inventory Catalogue

Solo Exhibitions
"100 Million Years' Landscape", Art Beatus Gallery, Hong Kong
"Mindscape" Gallery Con.form Archotects, Berlin, Germany
Waldkraburg Städtische Gallerie, Waldkraiburg, Germany

"0" Project, Tokyo Gallery + BTAP, Beijing Tokyo Art Project, Beijing, China

Malkasten Künstlerverin Malkasten in Düsselodrf, Düsselodrf, Germany
"Soft Landing", Tokyo Gallery + BTAP, Beijing, China
"Mindscape", Art Beatus Gallery, Hong Kong

Group Exhibitions
"Multiple Facets", Art Beatus Gallery, Hong Kong
"On Site: Cross Contextual Ink Art Experience”, Himalayas Art Museum, Shanghai, China

Dongguan Farmers Market International Art Festival, Dongguan, China

"Where We Are Now", "Oh, My Homeland!", Marrakech Biennale 5, Marrakech, Morocco

"A Fragment in the Course of Time: Landscape of Chinese Ink Art in the 1980s", Himalayas Art Museum, Shanghai, China
"Insightful Charisma", Himalayas Art Museum, Shanghai, China

"Of Bridges & Borders", PCdV, Valparaiso, Chile
"Of Bridges & Borders", Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Buenos Aires (MACBA), Buenos Aire, Argentia

Shenghu Art Museum, Beijing, China
"Future Pass", 54 Venice Biennale, Venice, Italy

"Video e Fotografia", Biennale di Alessandria, Italy

"Natural and Its Mordern Forms", Mingyuan Art Center, Shanghai, China
Busan Biennale, Korea

"Beijing Time" Suntiago de Compostela

"Great Performances" Pace, Beijing, China
798 Biennale Beijing, China

"Beijing Time", Casa Asia, Madrid, Spain

"Istanbul-Berlin", Kreuzberg Bethanien, Berlin, Germany

White Rabbit Collection, Sydney, Australia

"Red Memory", Liu Hai Su Art Museum, Shanghai, China

"Detourement", 53 Venice Biennale

"Luminal Art", Gallery 100, Taipei, Taiwan

Games: Dynamics Change, International Visual Art and Architecture Project, Terni International Center for Contemporary Art Ex-Opificio Siri, Italy
Biennale Poznan, Poznan, Poland

Games: Dynamics Change Beijing Today Art Museum, Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery, UK

The Origin, the theme of the First Annual Moon River Sculpture Festival, Moon River Museum of Contemporary Art, Beijing, China

Deutsch Bank Art Collection
White Rabbit Contemporary Chinese Art Collection

Artist Statement

The meandering river of time has chronicled the development history of mankind while history itself documents of the intrigues of the rises and falls as well as the juxtapositions of brightness and shadiness of times. This project narrates and explores the realm of the continuation and probability of human civilization and that, of course, embraces its past, present and future.

Amalgamation and ambiguity are the primary techniques that have been applied in this project. For examples, the dragon is an embodiment of features of several kinds of animals, the landscape depictions bear no characteristics of any region while the flying objects and celestial bodies are all non-forms.

This project, 100 Million Years’ Landscape, is the present time/space transit station that links up the past and the future.

-- Yuan Shun, Beijing

Mindscape is Yuan Shun's conceptual record of the mental landscape that he has as well as his link to the past and future.

Up to now, Yuan has built a series twelve installations with sands and other materials.  After finishing each construction, he keeps visual records (photographs and videos) of his creation before dismantling the whole setting.

Yuan says his works are to push illusions and ideas into another universe. The models that he builds are to realize some impossible journeys as well as to reveal things around him.  The mental landscapes exist in his visuals.

"I have built models that may be linked to different parts of the world, such as the huge hydro power station on Yangtse River, the parts of Florida that was hit by hurricanes, Southeast Asian locations plagued by typhoons or flooded areas in South Africa," Yuan said.

"In my installations, I always include the elements of water, fire and wind. For me, to build or to destroy these models is a spiritual and inspirational process. It is like a Buddhist monk going through meditation reminding me to go beyond myself."

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