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Bachelor of Arts (Fine Arts), Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia

Fresh Trend 2012 Outstanding New Artist Award
2000 2nd Hong Kong Optical Design Competitition

Inventory Catalogue

Asia Hotel Art Fair Hong Kong, Marco Polo Hotel, Art Beatus Gallery, Hong Kong
Asia Contemporary Art Show 2013, Art Beatus Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Solo Exhibition, "Fragile", Art Beatus Gallery, Hong Kong

K-11 Giordano Ladies shop installation, Hong Kong

Affordable Art Fair - Young Talent, Hong Kong

Awakened Sleepers and Transformed Places, Hong Kong International Sculpture Symposium, Hong Kong
2012 Outdoor Sculpture Exhibition - Free Fest Space Collaborative Programmers 2012, Hong Kong

Fine Art Asia 2012, Hong Kong

POP UP Art Market, Osage Kwun Tong, Hong Kong

Fresh Tread Art Graduation Joint Exhibition, Hong Kong

Bachelor of Arts (Fine Arts) Graduation Exhibition, Melbourne, Australia

HK Cattle Depot Artist Village, Hong Kong
Public Arts in Mei Foo, Hong Kong
Painting of Art in Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Artist Statement

Glass is fragile. Tempered glass, though strong and tough, will crumble into countless small granular lumps when shattered.

By putting these granular pieces back into forms, the artist symbolically reconstructs life thus reflecting on the different aspects of human nature such as material need and greed, dream and vision, capriciousness, persistence and perseverance, pretense and hypocrisy, sincerity and truthfulness, repulsiveness and hatred, beauty...

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