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Born in Vancouver, Canada


Bachelor of Fine Arts, Major in Visual Arts, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, Canada

Inventory Catalogue

"In a Vaulted Room", Two Person Exhibition with Neo Tang, Capture Photography Festival, Vancouver, Canada
"Geometry of Knowing: Part 4", Audain Gallery, Vancouver, Canada

Artist Statement

I am interested in exploring the relationship between the photographer with the audience as well as investigating the way the world is presented outside of the picture frame, after the moment has been documented. I use mirrors or live cameras in my work to show the gesture of the photographer’s body, in order to to emphasize the role of the photographer. In doing so, I shift the focus point of a photograph, exploring ideas of ‘what can exist beyond the image’. Taking photos is a performance, and the photographer performs as an invisible presence. Photograph as a documentation appears only for the audience, but I am interested in showing the agency of the photographer and their surroundings. I believe that photographing is about the photographer and the environment as much as about the subject and the medium. The photographer uses a camera lens to document their own perspective, becoming a very honest performer, moving with intuition to find the perfect angles to press the shutter.

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Canada: tel: (1) 604.688.2633, fax: (1) 604.688.2685