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Born in Hong Kong
Immigrated to Canada


Contemporary Art, University of Toronto, Canada
Graphic Design, Hong Kong Polytechnic, Hong Kong

Illustration Art, First Institute of Art Design, Hong Kong
Communication Art, Bishop Bianchi College, Hong Kong
Fine Art, Lang Hoi Colle

Inventory Catalogue

Solo Exhibitions
"Tai Chi Horse Painting Exhibition", Fo Guang Shan Temple of Toronto, Toronto, Canada
“Tai Chi Calligraphy Exhibition & Performance”, Ji Hong Tai Chi Studio, Toronto, Canada
“The Unknown Energy: Ink and Wash Abstract Paintings”, District Lofts Gallery
“Motion In Calligraphy: Contemporary Calligraphy”, Art Beatus Gallery, Hong Kong
“Heavenly Strength: Contemporary Calligraphy Exhibition”, Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto, Toronto, Canada
“Contemporary Calligraphy”, First Institute of Art and Design, Hong Kong
“Henry Ho’s Solo Exhibition”, Fringe Festival Exhibition
“Abstract Painting Exhibition”, Consilium Gallery
“Ink and Wash Paintings”, Sing Tao Gallery
“Henry Ho’s Solo Exhibition”, Landmark Mansion Gallery
“The World Caricature Exhibition”, The First Institute of Art and Design, Hong Kong

Multi-and Inter-Art Performances

“The Moving Image of Chi: A Multi-Media Action Brushwork Art Performance”, Crimson Tea Shop, Toronto, Canada

“Diversity and Peace: A Multi-Media Art Performance on Stage”, Asian Heritage Month Opening Celebration, Toronto City Hall, Toronto, Canada
“Transcendence of Fire: A Multi-Media Interactive Art Performance on Stage.” Orangized by Alpha Education, Ryerson University, and Hilton Hotel.

“Daoism Presentation and Tai Chi Brushwork Performance”, Asian Heritage Month and Aga Khan Museum, Toronto, Canada

“The Perception in Right Moment: Music-Tai Chi Art Performance”, Asian Heritage Month Opening Celebration, the Metro Hall, Toronto, Canada
“The Frameless: An interactive Art in Action Performance”, Asian Heritage Month, the Metro Hall, Toronto, Canada
“Tai Chi Calligraphy Exhibition & Performance”, Ji Hong Tai Chi Studio, Toronto, Canada
“Opening Performance: Qi Gong Calligraphy”, Heart and Stroke Foundation Gala, Toronto, Canada
“Solo Performance Art: Tai Chi Calligraphy”, Chinese Cultural Centre of Greater Toronto, Toronto, Canada
“Solo Performance Art: National Day Celebration”, The City Hall of Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada

“Horse Painting in Tai Chi Movement Performance”, City Technical College, Toronto, Canada
“Music Action Painting Performance”, First Institute of Art and Design, Hong Kong
“Interactive Music Action Painting”, 3 Over 3 Studio
“Music-Dance-Painting: Performance Art”, Toronto College of Art and Design, Toronto, Canada

“Three Minds One Brush: Performance Art”, Gallery June, Toronto, Canada

“Lantern Rhapsody: Cultural Performance Art” commissioned by Scarborough Lantern Festival, Festival Hong Kong ’92, Albert Campbell Square of Scarborough Civic Centre
“Solo: Henry Ho’s Tai Chi Painting Performance Art”, Gallery June, Toronto, Canada

Juror’s Award: Scarborough Art’s Council Juried Art Show (Canada)
Golden Award: Best Publication of Art, Hong Kong Urban Council (Hong Kong)
Certificate of Distinction: Philippe Charriol Foundation, Contemporary Art Competition (Hong Kong)

Works in Public Collections
Flying Clouds, Chinese calligraphy, Chinese Brush Art Association of Canada, Toronto, Canada
The Auspicious Horse, ink and wash painting, Fo Guang Shan Temple of Toronto, Canada
The Law and the Fate, mix-media installation painting, The Federick Horsman Varley Gallery, Markham, Ontario, Canada
Human Mark, mix-media painting, Canadian Museum of Civilization, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


HENRY HO was born in Hong Kong. He studied art at the Hong Kong Polytechnic and several art colleges. While residing in Hong Kong, Henry established himself as a professional art designer, cartoonist and lecturer.

In 1988 Henry immigrated to Canada. He then studied Chinese Calligraphy from Chin Shek Lam and finished the art program of Contemporary Art at the University of Toronto. In 1995, Henry founded "Ink Path Group", to promote contemporary Chinese ink wash painting.

From 1997 to 1999 he coordinated "Common Ground" - an intercultural dialogue and exhibition project that toured several cities in Canada with its exhibitions, demonstrations and lectures in contemporary ink and wash painting, post-modernism at the University of Toronto.

In 2002 Henry founded "IS Gallery" where he has curated several innovative ink and wash painting exhibitions. Also in 2002, with funding from the Canada Arts Council, Henry participated in a Chinese Experimental Ink and Wash Painting traveling exchange exhibition project between mainland China and Canada.

Henry has devoted himself to contemporary Chinese calligraphy, contemporary Chinese ink and wash painting and installation art. As an art teacher, Henry Ho has for several years been teaching Chinese painting and calligraphy from his private studio and the Art Gallery of Ontario.

Henry Ho has received several prizes in Canada for his artworks. His art has been collected by The Frederick Horsman Varley Art Gallery of Markham and the Canadian Museum of Civilization.

Artist Statement

Motion in Calligraphy

The art form itself is the message of information endowing the fresh vigorous visual to reveal the vitality of this classical art, so to explore the varieties of traditional and contemporary approaches.

A momentary touch of the brush stroke captures the fleeting moment of the spiritual realm;
this renovated art form echoes our modern sentiment.  It is the fulfillment of the cultural complexity and the opening the state of the minds.

Is this calligraphy or painting?

Meaning ...

Does it matter?

-Henry Ho

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