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Galen Tse

Born in Hong Kong

Received a Diploma in Business Administration with distinction from Hong Kong Polytechnic University
Studied Chinese painting and oil painting from Mr. Mio HongFei

Inventory Catalogue

Selected Exhibitions
"Gallery Artists Group Show - Summer 2019", Art Beatus Gallery, Hong Kong
"Kaleidoscope", Group Exhibition, Art Beatus Gallery, Hong Kong

"Vagaries in Mustard Seed Garden", Solo Exhibition, Art Beatus Gallery, Hong Kong
"Hot Spot", Group Photography Exhibition
"Beyond The Landscape”, Group Exhibition
"Ode to Simplicity - Pinhole Photography Trilogy", Solo Exhibition, Taikoo Place, Hong Kong
"Imaging Hong Kong - Contemporary Photographic Exhibition", Group Exhibition
"Cameras Inside-out", Group Exhibition, Hong Kong Heritage Museum, Hong Kong
"The Moment", Solo Exhibition, Agnes b.'s Librairie Galerie, Hong Kong

Winning artist in the  "Mobile Art Expedition" for the bus compartment
Recipient of the "Directing Excellence " and "Scriptwriting Excellence " awards from the Rotary Club of Tolo Harbour Stage Drama Competition


Hong Kong Heritage Museum
Hyatt Regency Hong Kong
Various corporate and private collectors

Artist Statement

Vagaries in Mustard Seed Garden

I once walked through the Mustard Seed Garden.

As a city person, I live in the real world of everyday life. Often I imagine myself traveling to a wonderland, enjoying the scenic mountains, taking a walk by the water, with birds as friends, and listening to the sound of running stream. I hope to forget about the travails of daily life in search of some tranquil landscapes in my mind.

The Mustard Seed Garden Manual of Painting contained almost all the common elements that appeared in Chinese ink paintings, such as depictions of mountains, running water, trees, plants, wind, clouds, birds and flowers, as well as people. These elements are essential whether the style are traditional or current. Since there is no clear demarcation of eras, the attention falls squarely on ideas, symbols and imageries of the works.

In the realm of ink paintings, there are often birds in the sky, sun hung over mountains, goldfish in the stream, trees grown amongst rocks and stones, and flowers sprouting on branches. The elements used are different but together they produce smooth harmony.

Every item in our life seems existing independently and, in fact, is closely connected to some others forming relationships like you and me. When creating for this series of paintings, for me, it was like traveling on a magical journey over different periods of time. The passage is rewarding though surreal. The experiences and emotions of my daily life, be it bitter or sweet, have subconsciously become integral parts of my works. These vagaries assume a balancing effect on my works.

Mix-use of photographs with paintings and other materials have achieved wonderful results. The imperfect nature of raw plywood board has given my paintings the most natural appearance. Its rough texture and the soft quality of the Chinese painting brush together have presented a hard and soft combination. With each change of concept, different materials used would start a new kind of communication among themselves. Despite their differences, they always end up in a fine integration.

I once have a walk through the Mustard Seed Garden.....

Galen Tse
Hong Kong 2015

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